spring and summer colours are ready

Would you wear trending colours even if they don’t suit you? I’d love to hear your comments! You may purchase an expensive item that fit’s you perfectly, but if the hue doesn’t complement your colouring, more than likely you will wear it once or twice (because it’s new) and soon you’re never ‘quite in the mood’ to wear it (because the shade isn’t flattering).

Yellow purse

Your best colours can make you look vivacious, radiant and youthful while incorrect hues can accentuate dark circles, wrinkles and cause you to look ill or tired.

Many years ago, when I took my training, our instructor told the class of a little experiment she tried while attending university. Those were the days when having your colours done was a new concept. Having cool toned skin, Shirley wore pinks and blues well. One day she dressed in an olive-green sweater and jeans.

By the time she sat at her desk Shirley had numerous comments and questions asking her if she was feeling well? The olive shade of her sweater visually absorbed into her cool skin tone leaving her with a green-tinged pallor. Another pattern also emerged. Whenever Shirley felt tired or melancholy, she subconsciously chose colours that didn’t work; causing her mood to go from bad to worse. Colour was proving to be an invaluable tool in creating personal style.

Today colour continues to be an effective tool in a fashionista’s toolbox. Colour draping has come a long way from the original seasonal concept. The reality is you cannot put everyone into one of four categories with a one-time palette that is never updated. Correct analysis analyzes the individual’s skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and personality as a whole; and uses colours that are current in the marketplace.

After thousands of colour analyses, I never tire of the natural beauty that flattering colours offer an individual. Think about it – colour is free. Why not choose clothing in up to date hues that personally suit you, rather than trending colours that make you look pale or ill? In this fragile time of fashion pollution, it’s a sustainable practice to choose clothing you enjoy wearing (more than two or three times) to look and feel fab. The earth will thank you, your pocketbook will be thrilled, and you will look amazing.