Consultant Training Programs

Style File Consultant Program

For those who choose to become a Style File Consultant, the training program consists of four online courses, each including quizzes, assignments and a final exam. The courses include The Skill of Personal Style, Current Colours, The Art and Etiquette of Personal Shopping, and The Closet Edit. Twenty hours of one-on-one training via phone, Facetime or Skype are included in this program.

    • Includes:
      •  Four compulsory digital courses:
        • The Skill of Personal Style
        • Current Colours
        • The Art and Etiquette of Personal Shopping
        • The Closet Edit
      • 20 hours of one-on-one training
      • Current Colours kit
      • Supporting training materials
      • Proportion profile generator
      • Certification as Style File Consultant

Current Colours Consultant Program

Become a Current Colours Consultant and become a colour expert. As a colour consultant or professional stylist/image consultant, your expertise in contemporary colour analysis can set you apart in the industry. Current Colours is the most accurate method of colour analysis.  For those choosing the Style File program, Current Colours is included as a component.

      • Includes:
          • Current Colours digital course
          • 10 hours of one-on-one training
          • Current Colours kit
            • Full drape kit
            • Supporting training materials
            • Style File wallets
          • Certification as Current Colours Consultant