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  • Wear slim fitting/gym clothing
  • Posture: upright, head square on shoulders, shoulders back
  • Arms: straight and a few inches away from hips
  • Ensure photo includes full silhouette from head-to-toe
  • Wear baggy/loose clothes that detract from your silhouette
  • Shoot a partial picture of silhouette. Need full head-to-toe pic
  • Bend your legs, tilt your head, or collapse your shoulders forward
  • Raise your arms; keep them directly at your side
  • Wear slim fitting/gym clothing
  • Stand exactly sideways, posture upright, head square, shoulders back, arms at side
  • Ensure you include the full head to toe image of standing sideways
  • Wear loose/baggy clothing, it hides the shape of your silhouette
  • Stand partially sideways or collapse your posture; please stand straight and directly sideways with your arms at your side
  • Send a partial pic; ensure you include full sideways from head-to-toe pic
  • Shoot in bright lighting with a neutral background
  • Open smile and open eyes
  • Ensure your hair is visible
  • Wear a neutral colour top; not a high neckline
  • Submit a dark photo; keep your lighting clear and bright
  • Keep your mouth closed and your eyes half open
  • Cover your hair
  • Wear a high neckline
Please note, your pictures are confidential and will be used only for determining your Style File.
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