Sheer exhilaration: the thrill of buying clothing that makes us feel amazing. Finding suitable styles that fit well and flatter our body shape can be challenging, but when we do, it’s an instant remedy to lift our mood. Despite the excitement and sensibility of a fab find, there is a possibility this gem may never reach our closet.

We know when we discover the perfect outfit. One look in the mirror and we love it! Few understand that the winning choice ticks all our boxes; the style, fit, colour, and texture that work together to create a pleasing image.

When you fall in love with an outfit, it is not a coincidence. Along with checking the four boxes listed above, our gem will also suit both lifestyle and personality. Who knew all these decisions happen in a split second in front of a store mirror? Smart shopping results from knowing how and why particular fashions suit us or not.

Although our fashion favorite is a mere transaction away, our little voice begins its sabotage. “It’s the first thing we’ve tried on; it’s not on sale; hmmm think I’ll wait.” Really? When we finally realize our gem would be a great addition to our wardrobe, we go back to buy it, and it’s gone. Now we have been on two shopping trips only to miss a fab find and come back with nothing.

Dressing your body is a skill you will do for the rest of your life. A small portion of women know how; for those who find it challenging The Style File System can teach you. Shop smart, save money, put it all together and get great style.