Ever wonder why you are never in the mood to wear your new crisp shirt? It’s not about your mood; there’s always a reason. Tailored shirts button to the top of the collar like this cute black Calvin Klein shirt. Even though we may leave a couple of top buttons open, the shirt collar is structured to sit in the neckline. That’s perfect if you are slender with a longer neck. If so, you are in the minority.

Women with a shorter neck and fuller bust, have little room for a structured collar. Solution? The spread collar as shown in the white and pink blouses. The top button in a spread collar sits just below the breastbone creating a V opening ensuring the collar lays on the shoulders, not in the neckline. Those with a shorter neck love a V opening as it visually elongates from the base of the neck to the bottom of the V. Don’t forget to consider your fabric choice. Curvy shapes need drapable fabrics, not stiff cotton.