If you have ever uttered, “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear,” welcome to our blog. Buying into fashion’s latest trends and fads seem overwhelming, but take heart, there is an actual method to all this madness.

The fact is we grow up and learn most skills for life except…how to dress our bodies. To quote the Style File’s definition “style is the cohesive visible expression of an individual’s personality and physical attributes.” And that is why your style is unique. No one can be the best expression of you but yourself. But how does that happen!

When I was young I thought stylish women were born with a natural flair to put it all together (and, they are); if you didn’t have it best you keep clean, neat and tidy. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I began to understand personal style could be learned. Peeling back the layers of suitable clothing for specific body shapes, I uncovered tangible reasons why clothing worked…or not. I was hooked. If I could learn this, so could every other woman; and deservedly so. Knowing how to put it altogether states our style with more self-esteem and confidence and who couldn’t use a little help along the way.
Innovative, positive and fun the Style File was created to give women the tools to create their look. Since 1995 this proven system has empowered thousands of women and men to express themselves through personal style. Tag along, learn some of our concepts and let’s put your style together.