Now you too can have all your personal fashion information and take the guesswork out of shopping through The Style File e-consultations.

Three options to choose from

e-Style File complete Consultation

The complete e-StyleFile consultation includes your Proportion Profile, Current Colours, Silhouette, and Clothing Lifestyles. Finally, a system that shows you how to put it altogether! Included is you’re Style File wallet prepared individually for you.

e-Current Colours Consultation

The e-CurrentColours consultation will give you all your colours that are right for you and available in the marketplace. Look amazing as you choose the best colours to compliment you. Included is your Current Colours wallet prepared individually for you.

e-Proportion Profile Consultation

The e-ProportionProfile consultation gives you all the details of styles to choose for your body along with your Clothing Lifestyles. You’ll love what you wear and know how to wear what you love. Included is your Style File wallet prepared individually for you.


After your initial Current Colours consultation, you are entitled to seasonal updates. You’ll be the first to know trending colours every fashion season (spring and fall). Not only do colour trends change, you may change as well; a different hair colour and/or a change in skin tone will definitely affect your most flattering colours.

Any questions? get in touch.

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