Ack! I’m out of foundation. I can’t squeeze another drop from the tube and I’m not about to go to work bare faced. I understand some of you with beautiful skin can’t relate, but my skin tone desperately needs her cover! Out of sheer desperation, I took my scissors and cut the tube in half. I found a small scoop, scraped the now separated top and bottom half and discovered another week’s worth of product lay hidden in the tube! I scooped the extra foundation into an old makeup jar.

While that may not seem like a big deal, I’d like to suggest two very plausible benefits:

  1. The extra product gave me an additional seven days to purchase a new foundation at my fav makeup counter.
  2. Imagine all the tubes, bottles and jars that would be eliminated from the land fill if everyone used all the product before discarding.

As I continue to be more thoughtful about reducing, recycling and reusing I can feel my mom looking down on me with a big smile. Mom had oodles of old wives’ tales that I would constantly roll my eyes at; yet many are proving to hold valuable insights. Her fav was ‘waste not; want not.’ I didn’t think that affected me much until recently.

Together with the importance of our vulnerable environment and not wanting to waste anything (Scottish heritage-lol), I find the recycling mascot and my mom motivating my every decision. And that’s a good thing.

Thirty years ago, there was little discussion about recycling. I cringe at the amount of garbage we mindlessly threw away each week. Reusing was something financially challenged families had to do and reducing was the opposite of the materialistic decades in the late 1900’s. Thankfully knowledge influences positive change giving each individual the power to make a difference.

Ensuring a healthy earth for future generations, begins with everyone pitching in to manage their footprint. Who knows, it might start with scooping out your foundation???