How did your background checks go from Week 1? Did you notice style similarities in your favorite items? A favorite is not a coincidence; it works because the fit, style, colour, and fabric are right for your silhouette and proportions.


  • Fingerprints: Personal Style
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: Know your Style
  • What is your MO:  Clothing Lifestyles


Your style is as unique as your fingerprints. No one else has the combination of your inner essence and your outer physical attributes which is the true definition of personal style. Your visible expression of style lets the world know who you are and what you’re all about in the blink of an eye. When you step into your style, the magic begins.


It’s easy to spot someone with fabulous style; they always look so put together in an effortless way. How do they do it? If you think it just ‘happens,’ think again. That ‘put together’ look comes from an uncompromising approach to style, hairstyle, and makeup: that’s the effort of personal style.

Personal style takes know-how and, although a small percentage of the population are born with it, the rest of us often use the trial and error method. Trials get frustrating and errors are costly, so many repeatedly choose the same old, same old, never uncovering their true personal style. The good news is we finally have a positive system that gives us our fashion information to learn how to dress our individual bodies.


You don’t need lots of clothes; you need clothes to suit THIS time in your life. Not what worked five years ago or who knows what you will be doing three years down the road, your closet needs to house clothes that work for you NOW. (And as I write this, I’m well aware that the current lifestyle of PJ’s and sweats will hopefully be over soon!)

Think about what you typically do in the course of a day, a week, a month. Are you working full time? Do you have children? Do you travel? What activities occupy your time? How do you spend your leisure hours?

The answers to these and other lifestyle requirements will fashion your present-day wardrobe.

The five Clothing Lifestyles can change throughout the various stages of your life. It’s not about whether you are classic, romantic, trendy or sporty – you have occasion to be all of these. Most women are a combination of two lifestyles; for example, someone in a corporate position would be Metropolitan throughout her work week and perhaps Suburban during off hours. Maybe your workplace is Suburban and you like to dress West Coast or casually chic in your off hours. Perhaps you are the girly-girl and that affects your clothing choices whether you are at work or at home. Determining your Clothing Lifestyles allows you to create a wardrobe that works. There’s no right or wrong; only what works for you.

Knowing your Clothing Lifestyle(s) guide you to purchase clothes that work on a day to day basis. Outfits that:

  • are current and in style
  • fit the body you have now
  • suit your colours at this time in your life
  • suit your wardrobe needs

What do you do in the course of a day, week and month?

In these times I would suggest most are in a Suburban Lifestyle. When some normalcy returns keep tabs on your daily outfits for two or three weeks, and you’ll easily determine your Lifestyle(s).

My Clothing Lifestyle(s) are:

Last week Inspector Elegante walked you through Background Checks revealing your favorite styles and colours, general size range, and suitable brands and stores to choose. Along with identifying your unique style and Clothing Lifestyles this week, you’ll be ready to put it altogether as we finish our series next Monday with Fashion Forensics.