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Style File Consultation

The Style File Consultation - $249

Love what you wear and wear what you love as The Style File System reveals your best features, flattering styles and complimentary colours. Enjoy the confidence of showcasing your personal style with current looks and up to date fashions, saving you time and money.

The Style File Consultation includes Clothing Lifestyles, Silhouette & Proportion Profile, the advanced Current Colours system, leather Style File wallet housing all your fashion information.

Current Colours Consultation

Current Colours Consultation - $150

Colour is free! Why choose a colour that is not your personal best? Discover the advanced Current Colours system and you will shop with confidence as your individualized palette reflects all the shades that are complimentary and always in fashion.

Current Colours Consultation includes Colour Analysis and leather Style File wallet containing your Current Colours.

Style Guide for Men

Style Guide for Men - $225

A personalized "Style Guide" for men's fashion FAQs. Define your style, enhance your appeal and discover your Current Colours.

The Style Guide includes Clothing Lifestyles, Style Profile, the advanced Current Colours system, leather Style File wallet housing your fashion information.

Current Colours Update

Current Colours Update - $65

Stay a step ahead as you update your Current Colours each spring and fall with fashion's latest hues.

Proportion Profile Update

Proportion Profile Update - $65

Fashions change and we change; update your Proportion Profile to always reflect your most flattering styles.

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping - $60/hour

Stress-free shopping! Let our personal shopping service find you the perfect outfits for the many occasions of your current lifestyle, saving you valuable time and money.

Closet Edit

Closet Edit - $160

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? A Closet Edit will eliminate clutter and determine your wardrobe essentials. You will love opening your closet doors each morning to an organized and wearable wardrobe.

Wardrobe Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis - $69/hour

Appraise your wardrobe favourites and learn how to put them together with style. Wardrobe Analysis can be completed in our studio or at your home.

"Shelley is an exuberant, captivating, high energy individual. She holds your attention and her message comes across clear to help women believe in themselves! She is a very dynamic, professional woman and well educated in her field."
- Muriel, Victoria

"I love the new me! My Style File Consultation was a positive and practical experience. Instead of feeling shameful about the flaws I had to hid, I felt empowered with useable tips to enhance me!"
-Maureen, Toronto