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A Makeup Hack with Added Benefits

Ack! I’m out of foundation. I can’t squeeze another drop from the tube and I’m not about to go to work bare faced. I understand some of you with beautiful skin can’t relate, but my skin tone desperately needs her cover! Out of sheer desperation, I took my scissors and...

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How to Shop Smart – 3 basics you need to know

How do I say this nicely?  You’ve been brainwashed! Thinking that you are a smart shopper and knowing how to shop smart are two very distinct mindsets. Whether we attribute our love of shopping to the evolution of the ‘gatherer,’ or whether we are merely pawns in...

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Wearing Trending Colours – Do They Suit You?

Would you wear trending colours even if they don’t suit you? I’d love to hear your comments! You may purchase an expensive item that fit’s you perfectly, but if the hue doesn’t complement your colouring, more than likely you will wear it once or twice (because it’s...

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Shop Smart and Love Your Wardrobe

I’m not one for resolutions; I just like to get on with it! A New Year and a fresh slate is the perfect time to learn how to shop smart. Saving time and money, avoiding mistakes, and keeping fast fashion from the landfills are great big bonuses when you shop smart....

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How to Become an Expert Personal Stylist

Many people have an eye for fashion; an expert personal stylist has the tools that set them apart. Contemporary skills in body concepts, current methods, and positive terminology provide a personal stylist with the knowledge to accurately determine individual style....

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Choose Your Best Colours – They’re Free!

Of all the elements that make up your personal style, the most value for your wardrobe dollars is colour. Colour is free:  an outfit must come in some shade, why not choose a hue that flatters your skin tone and personality. Colour analysis has evolved creating...

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Why Falling in Love with That Outfit Isn’t a Coincidence

Sheer exhilaration: the thrill of buying clothing that makes us feel amazing. Finding suitable styles that fit well and flatter our body shape can be challenging, but when we do, it’s an instant remedy to lift our mood. Despite the excitement and sensibility of a fab...

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How to Choose the Right Shirt

Ever wonder why you are never in the mood to wear your new crisp shirt? It’s not about your mood; there’s always a reason. Tailored shirts button to the top of the collar like this cute black Calvin Klein shirt. Even though we may leave a couple of top buttons open,...

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How to Finally Find Your Personal Style

If you have ever uttered, “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear,” welcome to our blog. Buying into fashion’s latest trends and fads seem overwhelming, but take heart, there is an actual method to all this madness. The fact is we grow up and learn most...

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