What is The Style File?

The Style File System teaches you to look, feel and be fabulous! Exclusive concepts reveal all your fashion info held in a personalized Style File wallet.  Current Colours, a key component of your style, provides you with an individual palette that mirrors your best colours with fashion’s latest hues. It’s like having a personal stylist at your fingertips.


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Become a Personal Stylist with Style School

You have the confidence and charisma that comes from knowing how to put it all together. You are the fashionista that everyone looks to for fashion advice. You love taking your friends shopping and finding fabulous outfits they would never have chosen for themselves. The time is now to marry your passion for fashion with image consulting skills to become a personal stylist.

  Shelley Brown, Founder

Brand your reputation as an expert stylist
through The Style File’s proven methods
and sought-after system.

Style School is designed for those who would
like to become a fashion stylist, or for those
who are currently in the industry. Online training
includes a complete Style File program or
individual courses to further your knowledge in
the art of personal style.



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A System That Works

Your Style File Wallet

Or…as we like to call it, your “Style File.” Custom designed for you after your consultation, your Style File wallet houses all your fashion information including your Proportion Profile, Current Colours palette, Silhouette, and Clothing Lifestyles. Finally, a system that works!



The Current Colours System

Colour is free! Why choose a hue that does not enhance your personal colouring? The advanced Current Colours system lets you shop with confidence as your individualized palette reflects all the shades that compliment your characteristics and reflect fashion’s latest hues.

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The Style File