are you the person who everyone wants to go shopping with?

You simply know how to put it all together.

 You are the fashionista that everyone looks to for fashion advice. You love taking your friends shopping and finding fabulous outfits they would never have chosen for themselves. If this is you, the time is now to live your dream. Become an expert stylist and turn your passion for fashion into a rewarding and lucrative career.


Become a style file expert

We have individual courses in personal style, colour analysis, closet edits, and how to become a personal shopper. Or you can bundle all these courses in our Style File Consultant Program to become an expert stylist.

The courses include: The Skill of Personal Style, Current Colours, The Closet Edit, and The Art and Etiquette of Personal Shopping.

The Style File Consultant Program and Current Colours also include ten hours of one-on-one training via Zoom or Facetime.



A different approach

The Style File System reveals your best features, flattering styles and complementary colours. Love your new confidence and rock your style with current looks and the latest fashions. The added bonus – you save so much time and money!

The Style File Consultation includes Clothing Lifestyles, Silhouette and Proportion Profile, and Current Colours analysis. Your pocket sized Style File wallet houses this customized fashion information to take wherever you go. It’s like having a personal stylist at your fingertips.

a few kind Words

“Shelley is an exuberant, captivating, high energy individual. She holds your attention and her message comes across clear to help women believe in themselves! She is a very dynamic, professional woman and well educated in her field.”

Muriel, Victoria –


Shop Smart and Love Your Wardrobe

I’m not one for resolutions; I just like to get on with it! A New Year and a fresh slate is the perfect time to learn how to shop smart. Saving time and money, avoiding mistakes, and keeping fast fashion from the landfills are great big bonuses when you shop smart....

How to Become an Expert Personal Stylist

Many people have an eye for fashion; an expert personal stylist has the tools that set them apart. Contemporary skills in body concepts, current methods, and positive terminology provide a personal stylist with the knowledge to accurately determine individual style....

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